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Bude Lifeboat 10k 2022

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Fourteen green and white hoops including a size 14 ladies vest hopped over the border into Cornwall for the return of the Bude Rats' Lifeboat 10k on 15th June.

An impressive turnout from Torrington, noted by the hosts' loud speaker after spying our distinctive, famous vests, many of us travelled on the minibus together in possibly the largest post-pandemic team outing yet,. It was great to have a bit of bus chat with faces new and old (from a club membership perspective of course!),

A tough 10k in the early evening heat, we all made it through with times typically 2-3mins behind PBs, as the course involved hills, heat and possibly some extra meterage, Some of us didn't warm up either, being confused about the start time. However, cruising down the canal for the last 2 miles on one of the only pieces of flat ground in N Cornwall, was very pleasant (though the finish line humdrum travelling upstream to us tired runners never seemed to get any closer!)

Running for/donating to a great cause in the RNLI, we each received extremely bright orange T Shirts, reminding some of us (possibly just me) of Kenan and Kel's love of orange soda, but also with dozens of runners adorning them post race at sunset, they mimicked dozens of setting suns (!) as we reflected on the race, sipping our well-earned teas or swigging something alcoholic.

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