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TAAC Relays ran well

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Buoyed by the prospect of quite possibly the 2022 series' best post-race cuisine, TAAC put in an absolute shift for round 5 on home turf. This extends to everyone from the club who got involved in set up, timekeeping, marshalling, and the rest of it.

It's an unverified claim, and this is a blog after all, but with great relay performances not only setting up an exciting finale for the category standings for round 6 in Bideford, we also hauled the most points per club member* meaning we can feel proud of our efforts.

Some crazy performances utilising gravity to its fullest extent down Burwood Lane, with intimate local knowledge of meandering lanes, bollards and potholes, the adrenaline of running in front of home crowds with the hope of a fan handing out a jelly baby around the next corner, or just a steely sense of pride to restore respect in the NDR standings - it's likely to be a mixture of all of these things that meant that buffet water melon tasted even sweeter come nightfall.

Special mention to the Vet Ladies >50 - Steph, Marilyn and Ann, who with only 23 seconds between their individual performances, nabbed us 12 (twelve!) points, leaving them only 2 points behind Bideford with a round to go. It's on a knife edge.

Full results can be found here


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