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On the 31st August, we are holding our annual bring a buddy training session. A free session to anyone that is not a club member but would like a taster session with the club.... at the recommendation of their TAAC buddy.

It may be a way to re-introduce old members or quench anyone's thirst for their curiosity surrounding TAAC.

Let's get those runners sitting on the fence to dip one trainer into the running club water.

I want to dispel the myth that we are elite athletes, but that it is a place where we train hard and have fun. As a result, the session will be centred around having fun and although we will be running, it's not going to be hard. Therefore, your buddy doesn't need to be extremely fit. I encourage everyone to bring at least one buddy, but more if you like. We are trying to increase participation, so think about encouraging those that might come again.

The session has been published on the club calendar.

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